Priorities (old)

Holistic Community Safety

Oakland has seen improved safety – last year was our safest since 2005 – but we still have work to do. I will continue to strengthen neighborhood policing that prevents crime by building trust, identifying the specific needs of our neighborhoods, and intervening before crimes even occur. As Mayor, I’ll continue to double down on addressing the root causes of crime by creating better education and employment opportunities, particularly for our youth.

Keeping the Oakland Promise

We will employ all proven best practices to ensure more children in Oakland graduate high school with the expectations, resources, and skills to complete college and succeed in the career of his or her choice. The Oakland Promise is a cradle-to-career initiative to triple the number of college graduates from Oakland within the decade. In the past, only 10% of OUSD 9th graders were earning college degrees by age 23. In 2017 we’ll award 5,000 early scholarships to kindergartners, connect 3,800 middle and high school students to internships and college resources through Future Centers, and send 400 public school graduates to college with more than $3 million in multi-year scholarships, as well as with persistence supports like peer support groups and personal mentors. I will fight to see that the Oakland Promise’s vision is fulfilled for every public school student.

Transportation & Infrastructure that Works

We are thinking big and taking bold steps when it comes to transportation and infrastructure in Oakland. Last year, we passed an unprecedented roads bond, so that this year we can begin making long overdue street repairs like repaving and filling potholes. We started Oakland’s first Department of Transportation with equity as a guiding principle to make sure our hard-won infrastructure resources are maximized to create safe and sustainable access and mobility for all residents.

Fighting Displacement & Housing Our Most Vulnerable

Oakland is facing a housing affordability crisis. We’ve already seen too many Bay Area communities become unaffordable for middle and low-income residents, and our most vulnerable residents suffer in unsafe and overcrowded conditions as well as in growing homeless encampments. That’s why we came together in 2016 to pass city and county measures that protect Oaklanders from being forced to move out of affordable housing as well as building more housing for our most vulnerable – including more transitional and permanent housing for the homeless. I will also fight to protect our small Oakland-grown businesses, artists and non-profit organizations from displacement. As an Oakland native, I’m passionate about protecting what makes Oakland, Oakland.

Responsive Trustworthy Government

I have always fought to make Oakland a more transparent and responsive city – from holding community budget meetings across the city so that more Oaklanders have a say in how their tax dollars are spent to partnering with Code for America to make Oakland city government more transparent and user-friendly. I will continue to make it easier for residents to report problems like potholes and broken street lights and hold managers accountable for fixing them. I will continue to prioritize getting Oakland on sound financial footing.