Getting around the Bay Area is increasingly difficult and expensive. Our population and economy are growing, yet our transportation system is aging and strained.

As your Mayor, I’ve been proud to spearhead big and bold steps when it comes to transportation and infrastructure in our city. Already, we have:

  • Created Oakland’s first Department of Transportation, to bring a more holistic and equity-based focus on resident mobility and better utilization of our public rights of way.
  • Written and passed a local infrastructure bond Measure KK to start addressing our $2.6 billion in deferred maintenance and needed road repairs. Along, with SB1, it provides funds that can be used to fix the worst local roads in our neighborhoods – not just major arteries.

I will continue to work tirelessly to make our neighborhoods something we can be proud of. We will:

  • Triple the speed of street repaving, filling potholes, replacing cracked streets, and fixing deteriorating sidewalks – by using our new bond funds and relying more on in-house crews rather than contractors.
  • Improve bicycle and pedestrian safety to ensure our roads work for everyone, especially our most vulnerable, and make them safer until we eliminate bicycle and pedestrian fatalities.
  • Continue testing new services and education efforts until we end illegal dumping.