I’m committed to renewing the promise of a quality public education for all of Oakland’s children. As your Mayor, I’ve employed all proven best practices to ensure more children in Oakland graduate high school with the expectations, resources, and skills to complete college and succeed in the career of his or her choice through The Oakland Promise.

The Oakland Promise is a cradle-to-career initiative to triple the number of college graduates from Oakland within the decade. Since launching the Oakland Promise only 2 and a-half years ago, we have:

  • Sent more than 1,000 public school graduates to college with multi-year scholarships, personal mentors and other persistence supports, while advising thousands more middle and high school students on college access at 10 new Future Centers.
  • In 2017 alone we awarded 5,000 early scholarships to kindergartners, connect 3,800 middle and high school students to internships and college resources through Future Centers, and send 400 public school graduates to college with more than $3 million in multi-year scholarships, as well as with persistence supports like peer support groups and personal mentors.
  • Awarded more than 8,000 K2C early scholarships to OUSD kindergartners and opened more than 300 college savings accounts for medi-Cal eligible babies and early elementary students.
  • Increased college enrollment rates at Oakland Promise schools, with an 11% point increase in Latinx students enrolling in college, and a 14% point increase for African American students enrolling in 4 year colleges.
  • Helped secure Peralta Community Colleges’ offer of first 3 semesters tuition & fee FREE for new Oakland public school grads.

And we will:

  • Seek funding to ensure EVERY four-year-old will receive affordable quality preschool and that baby born into poverty and EVERY Oakland public school student will receive the cradle-to-career supports of the Oakland Promise for at least a full generation — through the Oakland Children’s Initiative.
  • Ensure every student enters Oakland schools feeling their community will provide them with the expectations, resources, and skills to complete college and succeed in a career – TRIPLING the OUSD College Graduation Rate!